Hi there, my name is Frederick
A little bit about me;
I’m 18, I currently still live at home with my family in Worthing, in the United Kingdom. I have an older sister and brother, 19 and 21, both of whom, are a pain, and I also have a younger brother and sister, 5 and 11, both of whom, are a pain.

Despite my name, I didn’t actually have an amazing education, I’ve been to a few schools over the years, as we had to move around a lot, none of which were any good. My two main schools, where a private middle, and a high state school for boys, both of which were a complete waste of time. Needless to say, 8 years in education amounted to exactly nothing, and, although I tried my hardest, all I got was maths and I.C.T. This was a massive kick in the teeth, because at my first school, I had elocution lessons, surrounded by gifted and talented pupils, and then there was me. I got suspended for saying “screwed”. I never really fitted in.

Despite the shocking first school, the second was even worse for a number of reasons, for example I woke up every day at 6:30, walked for an hour get there at 8 o’clock, so I could spend some time with the one person I actually liked, as I was in bottom sets for everything (probably due to the report from my first school), which made study hard, imagine trying to do Pythagoras, when everyone else is sniffing the glue. Then I’d do a 9 hour day revising in breaks and lunches in the library or revision sessions, my best friend from high school was actually my history teacher. Then I’d walk home at about 4:30 for an hour to get to my house which was in the middle of nowhere, so this meant couldn’t go out and meet people like everybody else. My best friend over the years was my Labrador Darwin. Pretty much the only thing I remember from my education was going to bed not wanting to wake up the next day. The point I’m making is that I know what it’s like waking up, doing the same meaningless and depressing thing, with people you don’t like, for years on end, and getting nothing back, telling yourself it will make you a better future, when it never will, and that’s not even the worst bit…

In the summer when I got my results (or lack of), at a time when I just weighed 5 stone, and at 16 years old and was diagnosed with anorexia, which came with a whole range of issues, for instance, I had vitamin deficiency, a calcium deficiency, a phosphorus deficiency, I have osteoporosis in my lower spine, I was having panic attacks, bad paranoia, it had an impact on my brain function, and my ADHD and dyslexia got worse too. I also have blood pressure and heart issues, I can’t even have kids. I was nearly put in hospital for 9 months on a 24 drip, hooked up to machines.

The point I’m making is that, if some who is as battered and useless as me can use this system and tools and actually live a laptop lifestyle and set up online e-commerce businesses, then there is no reason you can’t either. So I strongly recommend you go on the free 7-day online course and see if you want a life worth living because I know I did.
In my opinion, this has given me more than just a business venture, it gave me hope too.